Scarecrow Cabin

Scarecrow Cabin

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Frustrated with Facebook

Do you have a Facebook fanpage?

I created a Facebook fanpage
a few years ago in effort to
promote my Etsy store.

I figured out the basics,
how to post comments, pictures, etc.

Here is my problem.
 When I first created my fanpage
I could "Like" and comment
posts on other peoples pages but
my picture/avatar didn't
 appear next to my comments,
(the picture next to my comments was 
a blue & gray generic silhouette of a
persons head...very unflattering don't ya think?)

Now, for some unknown reason,
I cannot even Like a post or
leave a comment.
I haven't changed any of my settings
and my fanpage is public.
I have tried using the
Facebook Help center
but nothing has worked.
to resolve my problem.

I have seen other fanpages that
have "Liked" and commented on
posts of my fanpage, so I know it's possible.

This is so frustrating!
What am I doing wrong?
Please Help!


Saturday, October 19, 2013

Craft Show count down....

Yes, it's true....
I will be participating in a local craft show
is just 2 weeks.
I love going to the seasonal craft shows
and seeing all the handmade wares
but, am I the only one who is
discouraged by all the VENDOR's
at these CRAFT shows in recent years? 
My mother and I used to do a few 
annual shows every 
year in the 1990's, with much success.
After a few years hiatus, we decided
to try a show in 2008.
Well, it was not what we expected.
The show had more vendors than crafter's.
The booth next to us was 
actually selling bed sheets.
That's right, nothing handmade,
 just pre-packaged bed sheets.
Bed sheet, tupper ware, food vendors 
and etc. belong in the flee-market circuit, 
not at the craft shows.
OK, I'm done venting,
now for the important stuff.....
I will be at 
St. Margaret of Scotland Church
in St. Clair Shores, MI 
on Nov. 2 from 9am-4pm.
I have been a shopper at this show for the 
past several years and they have a great 
variety of crafters. This is their 35th annual craft show. 

Here are a few of the new items that 
I will have for sale at the craft show.

 I am still working on many
other new projects and whatever
doesn't sell at craft show will
 be available in my Etsy store. 
Hope to see you there.

Hope you all have a great weekend!