Scarecrow Cabin

Scarecrow Cabin

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Frustrated with Facebook

Do you have a Facebook fanpage?

I created a Facebook fanpage
a few years ago in effort to
promote my Etsy store.

I figured out the basics,
how to post comments, pictures, etc.

Here is my problem.
 When I first created my fanpage
I could "Like" and comment
posts on other peoples pages but
my picture/avatar didn't
 appear next to my comments,
(the picture next to my comments was 
a blue & gray generic silhouette of a
persons head...very unflattering don't ya think?)

Now, for some unknown reason,
I cannot even Like a post or
leave a comment.
I haven't changed any of my settings
and my fanpage is public.
I have tried using the
Facebook Help center
but nothing has worked.
to resolve my problem.

I have seen other fanpages that
have "Liked" and commented on
posts of my fanpage, so I know it's possible.

This is so frustrating!
What am I doing wrong?
Please Help!


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